Dr. Pian Chen

Principal Economist

Dr. Pian Chen is a Principal Economist of Monument Economics Group and has extensive experience working with testifying experts and counsel through all phases of complex litigation. With expertise in econometrics and statistics, Dr. Chen develops sophisticated quantitative models to establish liability and assess damages for matters involving horizontal price-fixing behavior, exclusionary conduct, merger analysis, energy pricing, and valuation of mortgage-backed securities and intellectual properties.

Dr. Chen leads project teams that perform data analyses and review discovery materials to support clients on deposition, settlement, summary judgment, and trial. Her experience spans a wide variety of industries, including microprocessor, capacitors, chemicals, rare minerals, steel, oil, electricity, construction, agricultural products, finance, transportation, and healthcare.

Dr. Chen is an expert in Chinese markets and government regulations. Her depth of knowledge about the Chinese business environment and government’s export control policies has been a valuable asset in litigation and arbitration matters involving trade and intellectual property disputes between U.S. and Chinese companies.

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