International arbitration dispute DPWorld Callao S.R.L., P&O Dover (Holdings) Limited, and The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company v. The Republic of Peru, ICSID Case No. ARB/11/21

Dr. Kent prepared two reports to support the Government of Peru’s argument against a damages claim made by the South Pier private operator. The Government of Peru held a concession for each terminal, North and South, at the Port of Callao. The South Pier concession was held first followed by the North Pier concession held years later. In this arbitration, the private company which held the South Pier concession was alleging discriminatory practices saying that the North Pier concession received more advantages which in turn jeopardized South Pier profits. The arbitration was to determine if the Government of Peru was at fault, and, if so, how much would be owed the South Pier operators in damages.