Experience meeting the unique challenges inherent to damages analysis.

The quantum of damages is often the most contested component of complex litigation and commercial disputes. Economists at Monument Economics Group have experience meeting the unique challenges inherent to damages analysis. Our experts combine a deep understanding of how markets work with the financial and technical skills required to understand and interpret complex scientific, business, and financial information.

In antitrust matters, Monument Economics Group’s professionals are adept at developing objective counterfactual or “but-for” scenarios based on sound economic theory and empirical evidence to estimate the prices, volumes, and profits that would have prevailed in the absence of an alleged conspiracy. Likewise, in securities matters, our experts estimate the value of securities given alternative disclosure scenarios. Our experts have been consistently called upon to quantify complex damages claims in a variety of contexts, including matters of antitrust, international arbitration, consumer fraud, contract disputes, and disputes over business valuation.

The economic analyses offered by our experts are based on sound economic and financial theory, and often include advanced statistical and econometric techniques such as multiple regression analysis. They are tailored in accordance with the dynamics of the relevant markets and businesses under investigation and rigorously focused on the case-specific fact patterns and allegations.

Every analysis we perform is carefully audited by a team of analysts in order to withstand the highest degree of scrutiny. Damages analyses performed by economists at Monument Economics Group have been accepted by federal courts in the United States and internationally.