Gaza’s Port to Prosperity: Building a Sustainable Future Amidst Conflict

April 16, 2024

In Dr. Kent’s second paper in his For the Beauty of Logistics series, he explores a unique setting for port development to serve Gaza: one that seeks to balance Israel’s security needs with Palestinian sovereignty aspirations. The paper presents five port options according to their locations: inside Gaza, on the border, and outside Gaza. The favored option, the South Gaza/Kerem Shalom plan, entails an autonomous Palestinian port to be constructed in Egypt, adjacent to Gaza’s border. This port will be connected to the existing Kerem Shalom border crossing terminal via a dedicated 10-km port truck corridor. Then, Kerem Shalom will be expanded and turned into a logistics hub and special economic zone connected by rail to the West Bank. The chosen port solution not only addresses security concerns, but also holds promise for significant economic improvement, offering hope for Gaza and a stable peace for this war-torn region.

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The For the Beauty of Logistics series, authored by Dr. Paul Kent, consists of short papers that aim to showcase how the principles of logistics can enable groundbreaking advancements, optimize processes, and revolutionize our understanding of complex systems. The first paper of the series, “From Nobel Laureates to the Cellular Supply Chain: Unveiling Logistics Concepts to Foster Wider Understanding of Scientific Research”, can be accessed here.