Jeff Bloczynski


Managing Director at Mosaic Economic Consulting

Jeff Bloczynski has nearly two decades of experience as an energy industry economist. He maintains expertise in the workings of the electric power and natural gas industries, and in the quantitative tools required to assess both value and risk in these markets. His practice focuses on providing clear economic analysis of energy markets to clients including commercial energy firms, law firms dealing with contract or regulatory disputes, and energy policy advocates.

Before founding Mosaic, Mr. Bloczynski served as the lead economist for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, an electric power industry trade association. There he was responsible for conducting policy studies of the impacts of regulations and market dynamics on the electric power sector as well as the broader economy.

Prior to joining ACCCE, Mr. Bloczynski was a senior consultant at NERA Economic Consulting, where he was an energy economist and industry analyst for the electric power, natural gas, and environmental sectors. He served as a litigation consultant in proceedings at state regulatory agencies, domestic and international arbitration panels, and in federal court. He also worked in capital markets, advising investment banks, private equity firms, and corporations involved in M&A activities.

Mr. Bloczynski earlier served as manager of market assessment at PG&E National Energy Group, at the time one of the largest merchant energy companies in the country. There he oversaw the modeling and analysis used for the development of new power plants, the valuation of physical and financial commodity positions, and for portfolio risk management.

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