Kathleen King


President at Mosaic Economic Consulting

Kathleen King has three decades of experience specializing in economic analysis of issues in the energy sector and in commodity and financial markets. She has testified and provided support in litigation, arbitration, and investigations as the founder and President of Mosaic Economic Consulting, a Partner and Principal at Bates White Economic Consulting, and a Vice President at NERA Economic Consulting. Her work in contested proceedings has focused on market manipulation and collusion in both commodity and financial markets, other disputes related to trading and risk management, disputes over pricing of energy transactions, breach of contract, bankruptcy, modeling power markets, and power plant construction. Dr. King’s advisory work has included advice on surveillance and risk management in traded markets, as well as extensive experience in both wholesale and retail electricity markets.

Earlier, as Member and Executive Director of Capstone Global Energy and as Director of Structuring and Research at Cinergy Capital and Trading, Dr. King conducted economic due diligence and assessed the risk of power plants, modeled electricity markets and forecast power prices, and assessed contracts including fuel supply and transportation, sale of energy, and contracts with the steam host for cogeneration plants.

As Vice President at Christensen Associates, she designed retail electricity price structures with time-varying rates, assisted utilities with their implementation, and analyzed customer response.

She also served as an Economist at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, where she analyzed methods to measure the risk of financial institutions.


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