Phil Cross


Principal and Founder, Kenyon Consulting LLC

Dr. Cross has two decades of experience as an economist in academia, government and consulting. He specializes in economic statistics, econometrics and microeconomics.

His expert experience includes a large class-action litigation against a health insurer, an antitrust litigation between an auto-parts supplier and an auto-maufaucterer and a wrongful death litigation . In addition, he has considerable experience serving as a consulting expert and providing expert support in antitrust cases, class actions, health-care reimbursement matters, gender-discrimination matters, wage-and-hour cases and product liability matters, as well as general consulting for businesses and government. Dr. Cross has his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has authored articles in top peer-reviewed economics journals, and has taught in the economics departments at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins University.

Some of Dr. Cross’s relevant experience includes:

  • Being retained as an economic and statistical expert in several litigation matters in both U.S. District courts and state courts. Dr. Cross has opined in antitrust, class action and wrongful death matters.
  • Providing expert support in litigation matters involving antitrust issues, class certification, statistical sampling, survey design, conjoint analysis, health care reimbursement, wage and hour cases, gender discrimination matters, product liability, economic damages, and environmental damages.
  • Supporting economic and statistical analyses for various industries and government entities, including automotive parts suppliers, regional hospital networks, skilled nursing home facilities networks, financial services firms, law firms, energy suppliers, automakers, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, airlines, professional services firms, defense and military contractors, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.K. Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.

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