William Vogt


Associate Professor of Economics
Terry College of Business
University of Georgia

William Vogt is an economist specializing in healthcare markets, competition, and antitrust.  Dr Vogt has served as a consultant or expert witness in antitrust and class action matters in the hospital, physician’s services, ambulatory surgery center, pharmaceutical, and pharmacy industries.  He spent sixteen months working on healthcare matters as a visiting scholar at the FTC.  In addition, Dr Vogt has consulted for several government and non-for-profit clients including the Congressional Budget Office, the FTC, the Competition Authority of the Netherlands, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and CMS.

Dr Vogt has published extensively in the economics, health services research, and health policy literatures including research focusing on the industrial organization of health care markets, healthcare competition and antitrust, pharmaceutical demand, drug formulary and benefit design, and the link between health insurance and the labor market.  His academic and consulting experience includes the hospital, pharmaceutical, insurance, physician services, ambulatory surgery center, pharmacy, cellular telephone, and chemical industries.  Dr Vogt coauthored the chapter “Antitrust” in Elsevier’s Handbook of Health Economics, the standard reference in health economics.  He has also written policy briefs on hospital competition and consolidation at the invitation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National Institute for Healthcare Management.

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