Experts at Monument Economics Group have a thorough understanding of the healthcare sector, including its unique institutional structure, complex market dynamics, and regulatory environment.

Our experience in healthcare economics, combined with our sophisticated capabilities in collecting, processing, and analyzing large databases of insurance claims, medical records, third-party data, FDA reports, and clinical trials, allows us to provide strategic assistance to our clients in navigating healthcare disputes.

We provide clients with economic and statistical analysis, expert testimony, and consulting support in several areas in the healthcare industry, including:

Insurance Reimbursement Disputes
Experts at Monument Economics Group leverage in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry and statistical expertise to provide consulting services and expert testimony in disputes regarding allegations of inappropriate denial of claims or fraudulent billing practices.
Hospital Mergers
We have extensive experience providing consulting services and expert testimony regarding the competitive effects of horizontal and vertical mergers and joint ventures across the healthcare sector. With a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry and its regulatory framework, our economists are able to tackle the complex empirical questions often raised in hospital merger reviews by providing analyses for assessing competitive effects, including matters of quality of care, risk sharing, and efficiencies.

As part of our assessments of mergers in the healthcare industry, experts at Monument Economics Group study market factors, apply relevant economic theory, and identify and assimilate the key data sources in order to define the relevant product and geographic markets at issue, evaluate the presence of competitive constraints on entry and expansion, and consider the impact of insurance and regulatory oversight on market dynamics.

Product Liability
In matters involving product liability and false advertising pertaining to healthcare products and medical facilities, our economists have proven expertise in class certification and damages analysis. Our clients rely on the econometric skills and familiarity with pharmaceutical data that allows us to efficiently collect and process large datasets in these matters.
Brand and Generic Drug Pricing and Distribution
The significant price differential between brand-name drugs and their generic equivalents creates an incentive for competitors to conspire to retain the surplus that would otherwise be achieved by consumers. Healthcare experts at Monument Economics Group have analyzed the markets for numerous brand-name and generic pharmaceuticals. Our expertise includes claims of pay for delay agreements, whereby generic competitors are paid by the brand-name manufacturer to delay market entry.

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