READ: Dr. Paul Kent and Co-Author Examine Supply Chain Problems and Possible Remedies

March 1, 2022

In their editorial “Perfect storm or imperfect supply chain? The U.S. supply chain crisis”, Monument’s Dr. Paul Kent and co-author Dr. Hercules Haralambides examine the current supply chain problems and their possible remedies. The surge in e-commerce has exposed weaknesses with the just-in-time logistics paradigm where maximizing capacity utilization is viewed as being efficient; as a result, logistics asset owners strive to minimize slack capacity, even going beyond industry maximum utilization standards, thereby creating supply chain bottlenecks. In addition to problems with slack capacity, the authors identify other issues related to dominant market players, including liner shipping alliances and international chassis service providers.

The authors outline recommendations that address a seeming lack of preparedness for disruptions, capacity management issues, and weaknesses in regulation. The open-source editorial can be accessed using the below link via the Maritime Economics and Logistics.

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