Survey Design & Statistical Sampling

Assessments of liability and damages can oftentimes benefit from the information provided by surveys and statistical sampling. In addition to supplying information on consumer choice, well-developed surveys can also be used to define markets, allocate market shares, assess the impact of product bundling, and determine the degree of substitutability between products or services.

Expert statisticians and economists at Monument Economics Group are set apart by their extensive knowledge of sampling techniques and survey administration. With a firm grounding in econometric principles and practice, combined with broad-based academic and professional experience in and analyzing complex datasets of data, our professionals are well-equipped to provide services related to survey design and statistical sampling.

Monument Economics Group has proven experience developing surveys commonly used in litigation applications involving mergers, false advertising allegations, labor and employment relations, antitrust, and intellectual property. With broad-based experience in developing and field testing survey instruments for litigation applications, experts at Monument Economics Group offer clients survey strategies customized to meet their needs.

In collaboration with established market researchers, our statisticians practice thorough and rigorous techniques for survey design to allow for the extrapolation of unbiased and reliable results. Our clients rely on our expertise in survey design to obtain key information on consumer choice, including consumers’ views on product attributes, names, and designs.

In addition to survey design, carefully selected statistical samples can also serve as a valuable tool in litigation settings. Statisticians and econometricians at Monument Economics Group draw on diverse experience in market research and economic analysis to design and implement sophisticated sampling methods to build representative data samples for complex litigation matters.

Such statistical samples have been used to ascertain public opinion, apportion damages for intellectual property involving both alleged infringing and non-infringing patents, as well as investigate the relationship between loan performance and underwriting quality.

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