Class Action & Class Certification

Economic analysis is an integral and valuable component of class action litigation. Monument Economics Group advises clients on the entire range of economic issues that can arise in class action cases, providing analyses related to common impact on a class-wide basis, loss causation, and the development of a formulaic approach to damages.

Our economists employ economic theory and sophisticated empirical techniques to assist our clients through all stages of class action litigation, from the preliminary analysis period through discovery and trial, and we present our findings in a manner that is clear, concise, persuasive, and accessible to all parties.

Monument Economics Group provides expert analysis of common impact on a class-wide basis by combining econometric techniques with extensive qualitative research grounded in sound economic theory. We prepare Event Studies, if necessary, to demonstrate materiality and loss causation, as well as market efficiency.  We offer a full range of services related to class action litigation, including thorough market analyses, careful data extraction, and efficient processing of relevant information.

Economists at Monument Economics Group have provided economic analysis in support of class action litigation in indirect and direct purchaser suits in a variety of industries including building materials, automotive parts, and waterworks products, as well as in support of class action litigation involving publicly traded securities.

Our professionals have successfully testified on behalf of groups seeking class certification in a variety of litigation contexts, including:

Antitrust (Direct and Indirect Purchasers)
Experts at Monument Economics Group provide consulting services and testimony in antitrust litigation proceedings related to allegations of price-fixing, market allocation, and abuse of dominance. Our staff has proven capabilities in extracting and compiling transactional databases in multi-defendant litigations and preparing complex and sophisticated econometric analyses.
Securities and Capital Markets
Economists at Monument Economics Group have wide-ranging experience providing consulting and testifying services in securities class actions and opt-out proceedings. We assist our clients in navigating the complex regulatory guidelines in securities litigation with expertise in performing preliminary damages assessments and delivering opinions related to materiality, loss causation, and market efficiency.
Product Liability
In matters involving product liability, experts at Monument Economics Group provide testimony and statistical modeling and analyses related to damages issues.
False Advertising
Class actions involving allegations of false advertising are becoming more common in today’s global economy. Economists at Monument Economics Group are experienced at analyzing the effects of misinformation on consumer choice. Our professionals are skilled at collecting primary survey data and performing empirical analyses of consumer surveys, retail transactional data, and corporate financial data often required in these cases.Our experts leverage their experience with empirical techniques and sound analytical methods to offer innovative solutions to issues related to class certification and damages in false advertising litigation.
Labor and Employment
Monument Economics Group’s expertise in labor economics, econometrics and statistics, and in navigating complex employee databases provides our clients with sound and reliable analyses on a range of labor and employment issues. Experts at Monument Economics Group provide consulting services, expert testimony, and statistical and econometric analyses to support both the liability and damages phases of class action litigation related to labor and employment.Our experience in labor-related class action disputes includes allegations of hiring discrimination, wage and hour violations, termination, promotion, and other employment-related claims. We offer in-house expertise in extracting, processing, and analyzing complex corporate databases containing information on payroll, time entry, and hiring applications.
Consumer Fraud
Monument Economics Group’s experts are experienced at assisting clients at each stage of class actions related to consumer fraud. Our economists have substantial experience analyzing these types of claims and quantifying their effects using sophisticated modeling techniques.
Professionals at Monument Economics Group have provided economic analyses and expert testimony related to alleged violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”). Our experts are experienced in developing class-wide methodologies that meet the unique requirements of class action disputes related to RICO.

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