Securities & Capital Markets

Experience, teamwork and a total commitment to client service make Monument Economics Group the choice of the nation’s leading law firms.  Our credentialed economists have extensive experience assisting counsel in assessing materiality, loss causation, and economic damages in complex securities and stakeholder litigations.  Our analyses and opinions are predicated on sound economic, financial, and statistical methodologies using reliable empirical data.

MEG’s experts provide analyses and opinions on security-holder damages in class action litigations brought under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  We also prepare calculations of loss to plan participants in employee-related investment actions brought under ERISA.  We provide valuations of privately-held entities to assist in resolving shareholder disputes and assist counsel in quantifying damages in commercial litigation.  Our experts’ opinions have been cited favorably by courts in conjunction with class certification motions and for purposes of awarding damages.

MEG’s economists provide expert consulting in each stage of the lifecycle of the litigation, from early assessment of the economics of a case to providing expert opinions and testimony.  Our clients tell us our early involvement often prevents them from pursuing costly litigation with little potential for recovery, and allows them to focus on the most relevant economic issues of their case.

Drawing upon a wealth of capital markets expertise across a wide array of industries, our economists are able to quickly identify the issues critical to the instant case.  This allows us to formulate targeted, efficient solutions through thoughtful, informed analyses.

MEG provides litigation consulting related to the following:

Securities Litigation

Securities cases are becoming increasingly more complex requiring counsel to engage experts at an early stage.  We believe this trend is beneficial as it forces counsel to focus on the economic issues critical to their case.

Our experts are well-seasoned with extensive experience in determining materiality, loss causation and damages.  We assist counsel at the pre-filing stage with investigative leg-work; with reports on issues related to class certification; with event studies; at the mediation stage by providing realistic damages analyses; in preparing to depose opposing experts; up to and including expert opinions and trial testimony. Our opinions are predicated upon real-world capital markets experience, not just classroom economics.

Professionals at Monument Economics Group have provided expert consulting and testimony in litigations pursuant to U.S. Securities regulations 10b-5 and Section 11, including those on behalf of purchasers of common stock, preferred stock, ADRs, REITs, derivative securities, mutual funds, and closed-end funds.  We have also assisted counsel in determining damages sustained by Plan participants in ERISA litigation.  We have also assisted Canadian counsel in securities actions under the Ontario Securities Act.  Our experts provide reports used in FINRA arbitration proceedings and we frequently provide consulting services to the SEC.

As cases resolve, our experts can assist in structuring equitable plans of allocation and working with claims administrators to implement financial settlements.  We also prepare recovery calculations for Class Action Opt-out clients and assist in bringing direct actions on behalf of those clients.

Credibility matters, and so does a commitment to client service.  With our expert consultants at Monument Economics Group you will get accurate, reliable advice and a team dedicated to providing unrivaled service to its clients.

Cryptocurrency Litigation

The large and fragmented datasets, which characterize the cryptocurrency markets, prove challenging for litigators in the digital currency realm. MEG’s financial markets expertise and keen programming capabilities are key to assisting clients in this relatively new and growing landscape. Our experience working with large and complex datasets, identifying and analyzing aberrations in digital data, and performing meaningful statistical and economic analyses provides clients with crucial support in matters related to cryptocurrency litigation. From streamlining the data discovery process to quantifying potential losses, MEG’s professionals have the knowledge and experience to bring value to any cryptocurrency litigation team.


Accurate and reliable valuation of business interests, assets, and securities is crucial to successful litigation. Economists at Monument Economics Group assist clients in this regard by applying sound economic, financial, and statistical principles to a variety of income-, market-, and asset-based modeling techniques to develop representative and accurate assessments of value.

With experience spanning across a variety of asset classes and industries, our experts and consultants are able to quickly and efficiently assess market conditions and the impact of economic factors on market value.  In cases where historical data and other valuation benchmarks are either unavailable or inadequate, our economists offer advanced approaches to valuation that effectively combine econometrics, finance, and statistics.

MEG’s credentialed experts have prepared valuation opinions for shareholder and other commercial disputes involving privately-held companies, business interests, and other assets. This includes economic lost profits analyses, and damages sustained in breach of contract litigation.  We routinely review fairness opinions offered to support mergers, acquisitions and other financial transactions, and provide an independent assessment of the adequacy of consideration being offered.

Consumer Fraud Litigation

MEG’s professionals have experience in determining consumer product market size and geographical reach, market pricing and margins, price premiums and discounts, product differentiation, and potential damages in actions brought pursuant to allegations of consumer fraud.  Our experience across a wide variety of industries assists counsel in identifying the relevant data to request, the size of the potential claims, and other issues relevant to conducting a successful litigation.

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